Peggy’s Thai Massage

                                                          1 Hr.          1.5 Hrs.      2 Hrs.
Thai Massage                                  $60            $85            $110

Thai Oil Massage                             $65            $90            $120

Thai / Swedish                                 $70            $105          $140

Thai DEEP Tissue                           $75            $110          $150

Thai Pregnancy                               $80            $120          $160 

Massage Services

Thai Massage

Thai massage therapy is good for flexibility, relaxation, energy balance and range of motion.  There is a lot of bending and stretching with Thai massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deeper pressure, as the name suggests, is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, it also helps to work out knots in the muscles and helps relieve pain.  Deep tissue massage also helps with improving movement and stress relief.

January 10, 2017